Q: Can I place orders and check out online?

You can order online by fill out an order form, but online payment is temporarily unavailable.
You can always place your order by phone or email.

Q: How to place order online?

Click "Place Order" button on any page will link to a product list page. You can select your products, "Calculate Total" price and "Confirm" your order on this page. Click to see Three click order steps

Q: What do I need to do after filling out the order form?

After you filled out your order form, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order details.
We will also contact you for your payment method.

Q: What frequency bands do your kits cover?

Currently, we focus on C band (5.4GHz-6GHz), X band (9.2GHz-10.2GHz), K band (24GHz-26GHz ), and W band (76GHz-82GHz). We also offer customized designs for other bands.

Q: Can we pay by credit card?

We can not accept direct credit card payment right now, but you can go to www.eBay.com, search for "Luswave smart radar", find the right model and pay. The service policy is the same no matter whether you buy from our company or from "eBay.com".

Q: Can students get a discount?

We always offer students and university faculties a 10% off discount.

Q: Do you provide prototyping service?

Yes. We provide engineering services, including design of schematics and PCB-Layout work as well as production of prototypes.

Company Contacts:

Email: service@luswave.com

Tel:  (01)703-338-8380

Fax: (01)571-223-5483